Drakensberg 4×4 safaris

Drakensberg 4x4 safari

Great 4×4 trail options

Sani Pass - Drakensberg 4x4 safariThere are 4×4 trails in the Drakensberg that are amongst the best in the country, taking you to places you never dreamed of being able to visit. Natural obstacles – steep slopes, rock steps, sand river crossings, mud shale slopes – will take your driving skills to the limit. Provided you take reasonable precautions 4×4 trails are an immensely rewarding experience.

4×4 training options

drakensberg-wild-flowersAnd there are 4×4 offroad training courses for the uninitiated and specialist obstacle trails for the truly dedicated. Or if you prefer the less rugged, make it an easy outing, using a map of the area and GPS co-ordinates to explore all that the Drakensberg has to offer.

Drakensberg 4×4 Trails

  • Sani Pass – This is a fairly challenging 4×4 route with access from Himeville in the southern Drakensberg. The pass twists and climbs upwards, beneath towering cliffs and buttresses, reaching the top of the Drakensberg escarpment at 2 873m. You need a passport to cross the border post into Lesotho at the top.
  • Mikes Pass – This 4×4 trail is located in the Cathedral Peak Section of the Central Drakensberg. This 32km trail is one of the most scenically beautiful anywhere. Mikes PassĀ  includes some steep climbs and a hair-raising 7km downhill on the pass.
  • Thule Beacon Trail – From St Bernards Peak in East Griqualand. This trail is renowned as a tough 4×4 trail that takes you high into the southern Drakensberg mountains. The experts say that this trail is much tougher than Sani Pass.