Sani Pass – 4×4 track in the Southern Drakensberg

Sani Pass

Sani pass

Sani Pass is one of the most spectacular mountain passes in South Africa, meandering over the Drakensberg escarpment into Lesotho.

The Experience

sani pass achievmnetThis pass is synonymous with adventure because of its remote locale and the white-knuckle rides it takes to get to the top. Peaking at 2 873 metres above sea level, the pass is also aptly referred to as the Roof of Africa. It’s accessed via 4×4, mountain bike, quad bike or motorcycle – or you can join legions of runners who tackle it on foot each year – if you’re up for the challenge!

Mountain biking

Sani Pass mountain bikingSani provides a spectacular environment for mountain bikers. The area offers a plethora of riding trails for all kind of levels; and for the most mountain biking enthusiasts riding up or down the Sani Pass might be a tempting challenge and one never to be forgotten.

Quad bikes up the Sani Pass

sani pass quad bikingQuad biking is another awesome, if slightly less demanding, way to enjoy the pass. Guided day and overnight trails up the pass and into the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho are available, with most offering lunch and refreshments at the Sani Top Chalet, home of the highest pub in Africa. Sani Pass can also be accessed with off-road motorbikes and combined with motorcycle tours of the southern Drakensberg or Lesotho.

Sani Pass 4×4 trails

The professionally guided trip in fully enclosed 4×4 vehicles up the spectacular Sani Pass is offered by Thabo Tours, Sani Pass Tours  and Major Adventures.


You know you’re in Lesotho as soon as you get to the Sani plateau and see locals, both on foot and on horseback, dressed in their distinctive blankets.

Borders and Passports

Be aware that before you reach the summit of the pass, there is an international border post and passports are required to access the top. Also, the weather can change very quickly and dramatically in the Drakensberg Mountains, so come prepared.