Pet friendly accommodation Drakensberg

Pet friendly accommodation Drakensberg

“Such a short time our pets have to spend with us, and then most of that time is spent waiting for us to come home. Lets make your next holiday to include your pet.”

Drakensberg holiday accommodation where pets are welcome

Pet friendly DrakensbergAntbear Lodge is one of the few pet-friendly places in the Drakensberg. Beautiful, vast views of the Drakensberg with plenty of ground for my dogs to roam. Walk for hours. Room 10  is a mountain view suite with a fenced in back yard. You have the option to relax in your private garden knowing you have a fully fenced area where your pet can roam free from a leash.

Safe pet friendly accommodation Drakensberg

safe pet friendly accommodation drakensbergIts really easy to leave your dog in a safe environment if you would like to explore some of the sights in the area where pets are not that welcome. Of course we have some rules which you have to abide to but that is such a little to expect if your pet is able to be with you.

  • We do have some donkeys who dislike dogs so just keep your dog away from the donkeys
  • We have chickens, ducks, sheep, horses and cows so please don’t let your dog chase any of our pets
  • Please bring your own dog bowls and food

The Area

pet_friendly_accommodationYour dogs will be happy with lots of dams to swim in and horses to discover.

The right pet friendly choice

Pet friendly DrakensbergIf country life is for you and you would love to take your pet with you then Antbear Lodge is a great accommodation choice. Your hosts will advise you on all the activities available. Antbear Lodge prides itself on being family-friendly which means of course that children with paws are equally welcome. And there is no extra charges to accommodate your pet.

More than just dogs

pet friendly drakensbergAntbear Lodge also caters for those of you with other pets than dogs. We have a few paddocks so if you would like to bring your horse this is  most certainly an easy possibility. We have also had parrots, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs stay with us

Tips for traveling with your pet

  • Remember to pack water to prevent dehydration. Food and food bowls are essentials too.
  • Pack any pet medications and supplements if your pet needs these.
  • Exercise your pet prior to departure. A tired pet is much more amenable to travel.
  • Feed your pet at least four hours prior to departure to prevent car sickness.
  • Use a travel remedy, if necessary if your pet is anxious about travel.