The Drakensberg Mountains – Dramatic beauty in Kwazulu Natal

Giants Castle - Drakensberg Mountains

The best of the Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountains - Cathedral Peak Central DrakensbergThe Drakensberg consists of 3 regions, the Northern Drakensberg, the Central Drakensberg and the Southern Drakensberg. As well as spectacular scenery, the Drakensberg Mountains is home to remarkable San rock art as well as plenty of wildlife.

Giants Castle

What makes Giants Castle so interesting is that you drive up to an altitude of 1850 meters. The rule of thumb is that the higher you go the better the views and Giants Castle offers exactly that. There is a great selection of hiking trails from and easy 1 hour to difficult 16 hour trips. And everything in between. The rock art at Giants Castle is very easy to get too and there are guided tours every hour. And then there is the famous vulture hide where your pictures of the bearded vulture might just get you published in the next National Geographic.

The bushman rock art at Game Pass Shelter

Drakensberg Mountains - Hiking at KambergThe trail to Game Pass Shelter in the Kamberg is a two-and-a-half, to three hour guided walk, via the spiritually moving Waterfall Shelter. It is nothing short of a world-class experience in Khoisan rock art and living Zulu and San culture. The walk is preceded by a spectacular DVD presentation at the state-of-the-art Interpretive Centre that caters for a maximum of ten people at a time.

Spectacular views of the Highmoor plateau

drakensberg mountains - HighmoorThe Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife area of Highmoor Nature Reserve is a great place to hike for those looking for an easy day of hiking. The area is relatively flat, and one has wide arc views of the Southern Drakensberg and Central Drakensberg.

To the top of the highest waterfall in Africa

Drakensberg Mountains - Tugela FallsSituated in the Royal Natal National Park, the Tugela falls drops 947 meters down the rock-face of the Amphitheatre in three free-leaping falls. The source of the Tugela River is at Mont-Aux-Sources, several kilometres from where the falls cascade downThe best time for viewing is during the summer rainfall season. Two superb hiking trails lead to the Tugela Falls. The most spectacular trail is a full day walk to the summit of Mount-Aux-Sources and to the top of the falls.

Finding some shade in the Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountains waterfall

The day walk to Rainbow Gorge at Cathedral Peak where the spray from waterfalls form beautiful rainbows is an easy 4 hour return trail. An the path is in shade of the gorge for most of the way.