Falcon Ridge bird of prey show – Champagne Valley

Falcon ridge bird of prey show

Falcon Ridge bird of prey show

Falcon ridge bird of prey displayFalcon Ridge is a bird of prey center in the Champagne Valley that includes large birds rehabilitated from injury, and provides an excellent opportunity to see these magnificent sky warriors in action. Daily shows include an informative talk and a memorable performance of avian acrobatics, as the resident birds of prey swoop down to seize tasty morsels of meat midair.

The experience

Falcon ridge bird of prey displayWhether you’re an avid birder, or you’re simply looking for something to do, the Falcon Ridge bird of prey show will become a highlight of your stay. A great recommendation is to get there a little earlier than the start of the show so that you sit in the front row. And if you have kids with you prep them for the feeding of the owl. A kiddie volunteer is offered this opportunity so as soon as is asked make sure they run forward.

Drakensberg Birding

Cape vulture - Drakensberg MountainsFor the avid birder, a visit to the Drakensberg promises tiny gems such as the brilliant-green flash of a malachite sunbird; the chatty cacophony of a flock of masked weavers; to a breathtaking glimpse of the rare black eagle, martial eagle, lammergeyer (bearded vulture) or lanner falcon reveling in its natural habitat. One might even have the pleasure of viewing a cape vulture soaring above the foothills.