Wheelchair friendly accommodation


Wheelchair friendly accommodation

Drakensberg wheelchair friendly accommodationAntbear Lodge also offers wheelchair friendly accommodation option. It starts with the spacious parking that allows for the easy unloading of the wheelchair. The route surfaces to the rooms are even and easy to navigate and ramps are provided to gain access to the lodge.  The path is evenly lit and door handles in the room are located at a height reachable from a wheelchair.

The Room

The room flooring is tiled and level and the wide door frames allow easy wheelchair access.  Re-positioning of furniture, and other obstructions in the room are easily handled to meet guest requirements.   The bathroom is spacious and there is access to the shower for a wheelchair with extra hand rails and a stable seating area in the Jacuzzi spa bath and  shower

The Lodge

At registration any guest with a functional limitation is highlighted in our system, so that in the event of an emergency, special procedures can be taken to locate and evacuate these guests. The lodge provides ramps as an alternative entrance to cater for universal access.

Wheelchair friendly activities in the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands

  • Kamberg Nature Reserve provides a wheel chair friendly hiking trail around the dams along the Mooi River. The hiking trail is level and the path is wide enough for a wheelchair to navigate easily. Picnic sites are also available. This wheelchair friendly trail is 4km in length and has been specifically designed for disabled persons.
  • Giants Castle has upgraded its facilities to be able to handle persons with disabilities. The Restaurant has also been made wheelchair accessible.
  • Didima Camp at Cathedral Peak. can also cater for persons in wheelchairs. The initial part of the Rainbow Gorge trail is accessible with a wheelchair.
  • Fordoun Spa is in the heart of Nottingham Road, Midlands Meander and boasts a team of experts that include skilled masseurs, Reiki and Bio-energy specialists, a traditional African Healer and highly trained aestheticians. These facilities are wheelchair friendly and universally accessible. Fordoun Spa and wellness center offers wheelchair friendly accommodation as a double suite with wheelchair access and specially adapted bathroom.
  • Nelson Mandela Capture site. The gravel pathway is wheelchair friendly and there are benches dotted along the way so you can sit down and admire the sculpture for a while.
  • Midlands Meander offers a quite a few stops which are accessible using a wheelchair.

Our Universal access policy and goals

We believe that universal access should enable access to everything for everyone. This implies inclusive design and architecture as well as an inclusive attitude to support accessibility for all. Special needs are very diverse and complex and extend beyond travelers in wheelchairs to include parents pushing prams, pregnant women and those with temporary conditions. Special needs encompass speech, hearing, sight, cognitive and mobility issues. While we still fall short of this ideal we are constantly striving to improve our lodge to be full inclusive to everyone.