Snow in the Drakensberg Mountains

Snow in the Drakensberg from Antbear Lodge

Snow in the Drakensberg is exciting and beautiful

Snow in the Drakensberg is unpredictable. But when it does snow in the Drakensberg Mountains it excites almost everyone. There is simply nothing more exciting as a child than waking up to the news that snow has fallen on the mountains. After a hasty breakfast head out on a snow hunt dressed in three layers of jerseys. Hope that there will be enough snow for a proper snowman or a legendary snowball match. The spectacular views of snow in Drakensberg makes it so worth the drive.

Best locations to find Snow

hiking in the snow in the Drakensberg MountainsWe like to recommend Antbear Lodge. But snow is unpredictable. Snow does fall in the Drakensberg’s winter months and in some places you can even ski. If you’re feeling active and find the idea of hiking through snow appealing the Central Drakensberg is for you. The weather here tends to be more stable during winter and, after a snowstorm, conditions can become bright and clear for days. While it’s not guaranteed every year, the quaint southern Drakensberg villages of Underberg and Himeville are great bases for 4×4 trips up Sani Pass, where winter snow is more or less assured.

When does it snow in the Drakensberg

The most likely time of year for snow in the Drakensberg Mountains is July. Snowfalls can occur as early as April, and as late as September, although this is more the exception rather than the rule.

Skiing in the Drakensberg

  • Afriski Mountain Resort. Learn to ski or snow board. Afriski Ski and Mountain Resort offers you and your family the kind of holiday experience that you will want to return to again and again! The resort is located 3 222 m above sea level in the northern Maluti Mountains in Lesotho
  • Tiffindell Ski & Alpine Resort is a fully equipped hospitality center with over 150 beds. In the winter months (June,July,August) the ski resort supports the sport of skiing as an inspiring, healthy, social, character building activity for young children and youth development.