Royal Natal features spectacular scenery

Royal Natal

Royal Natal

Royal Natal National ParkRoyal Natal National Park easily features some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in Africa. The star of the show is the famous Amphitheater, a massive 500-metre high rock wall that stretches for five kilometers. Standing like a sentinel above the Amphitheater is Mont-aux-Sources peak. From here, Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world cascades down the face of the Amphitheater on its journey to the Indian Ocean.

The experience

The Amphitheaer - Royal NatalThe main feature is the world famous Amphitheater, a rock wall approximately that is approximately five km in length, and approximately 500m high. Trout fishing at Royal Natal National Park can be done in a dam in the park and in the Mahai and Thukela rivers. Picnicking and swimming in the fresh mountain streams are a popular summer pastime.

The Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls Royal Natal

Tugela Falls cascades down the face of the amphitheater, in the second highest waterfall in the world, on its way to the Indian ocean.

Hiking trails at Royal Natal National Park

Hiking in Royal natal

  • Amphitheater to Cathedral: The route passes parts of the Drakensberg including the Amphitheater, Mbundini, Mnweni and the Rockeries, the Saddle and the Cathedral range. It is advisable to book this hike before arrival.
  • Devils Hoek Valley: The hiking trail starts in Royal Natal National Park. The path gets progressively steeper and the views more spectacular as you continue along the trail. The route takes you from the Tugela River Car park along the the Tugela Valley and then up the Devil’s Hoek tributary.
  • Tugela Gorge Walk The route goes through alternative stretches of protea veld and forest and the scenery beyond the gorge is rivaled only by the view from the top of the Tugela Falls. It starts at the Royal Natal car park and follows the course of the Tugela river for some 11 km. The last few km can be difficult as the path is along the river and a certain amount of bolder hopping should be expected. Unfortunately without going right to the end there is no view of the waterfall.