Ladysmith – Gatway to the Northern Drakensberg and Battlefields

Ladysmith Black Mambasa


Ladysmith is the gateway to the Northern DrakensbergLadysmith is a gateway to the Northern Drakensberg and Battlefields regions of Kwazulu Natal. This small town became world famous between 1899 and 1900 as a result of it being laid under siege by Boer forces during the Anglo Boer War. The little town was a crossroads for transport riders between Port Natal (Durban) and the Transvaal. Today Ladysmith has be come a vibrant and bustling town and is the commercial hub for surrounding communities. During winter the snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains form an awe-inspiring backdrop to the town.

The Experience

Spionkop game reserve between winterton and ladysmithSeveral walkabout tours introduce visitors to the town’s many historic attractions and there is an excellent museum. The Ladysmith Siege museum is the best Anglo Boer War museum to be found anywhere in the world. A trip up to the Spionkop battlefield is also very worth while either with a battlefield guide or as a self guided battlefield tour.

The Ladysmith Siege Museum

Ladysmith siege museumThe Siege Museum in Ladysmith is ranked as one of the top Anglo-Boer War museums in the country, displaying a number of historical pieces that give visitors a sense of the event and what it meant for the town. The museum building itself pays tribute to the importance of this period. Constructed in 1884 as a marketplace, it was a rations store during the siege. Today, two howitzers used by British forces stand sentry at the entrance – they are retired but will always be on guard.

Culture/Community Tourism

Ladysmith/Emnambithi Cultural Centre: The Cultural Centre exhibits a lively display on the history of the well-known a cappella group “Ladysmith Black Mambazo”. Other displays detail different local achievements.. Experience the rich, vibrant atmosphere of a township through dance, narration and choir performances by local artists.