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Drakensberg horse trails - Berg Trails

Drakensberg Horse Trails

animals-horse-3A trip to the Drakensberg or Natal Midlands without sitting on a horse is somehow a wasted opportunity. The Drakensberg Mountains and rolling hills of the Natal Midlands just offer so much horse riding possibilities and horse related enjoyment. If you are a novice rider, your Drakensberg holiday is a perfect opportunity to acquire some horse riding skills. There are numerous spectacular bridle paths that can be comfortably managed by the inexperienced horse rider. If you are confident in the saddle, this is an opportunity to explore the foothills and experience the true magic of the Drakensberg Mountains.

Horse riding Safaris

p1030082Game rides bring you closer to game than you can possibly achieve on foot. Imagine that incredible feeling as you move amongst a large herd of giraffe or wander with a white rhino across open savannah. Or simply view a large herd of impala against a backdrop of shimmering water and mountain at Spionkop Dam. Both Spionkop Game Reserve and Zulu Waters Private Game Reserve offer horse riding safaris amongst game.

Drakensberg Horse Trails Directory

  • Antbear Lodge Drakensberg Horse Trails. We offer horse trails right here on the farm and are particularly suited to beginners. Generally we find that an hours ride is perfect for beginners but any length trail can be arranged. The rides here are safe and slow, so experienced riders may find better options listed below but plenty of experienced riders have enjoyed what we offer. 036 352 3143
  • Zulu Waters Horse Trails. Across the road in a private game reserve there are also great horse trail  and horse riding opportunities. Ride with game including white rhino and buffalo. Horse trails are generally about 2 hours in length but trails of any length can be arranged
  • Horse-riding at Spionkop Dam and Nature Reserve. Spionkop Dam and Nature Reserve offer riding in the bush amongst the game, including rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, antelope and zebra.  It is easy to get quite close to these wild animals on horseback without alarming them and this is a treat not to be missed. Great for beginners and experienced riders. The tours start at 2:30 pm but you need to be there by 2:00 pm and are required to pre-book on the number:  0364881578
  • Horse trail with Berg Trails. Berg Trails offer horse riding in the Kamberg Valley on sure footed, spectacularly colored Appaloosa horses. Trails are guided by experienced guides. The rides start at 10:30 am and take you about as high into the mountains as is possible. The views are breathtaking. But please note this is not for the uninitiated. You don’t need to be an expert but you must feel comfortable in the saddle.  033 2677227 / 0829322255
  • Ushaka horse trails. Ushaka horse trails offer short trails of 1 to 2 hours to half day and full day trails in the mountains. Combination programs with mountain biking or hiking are also possible. This is a good option for beginners and experienced riders but best if groups are not mixed. You can choose between a 1-2 hour trail, a half day or full day trail.  Contact Karl 0364681136 or 072 664 299.

Horse trail tips

  • Horses are typically trained to accept riders mounting on the left side, so be sure to follow this rule accordingly.
  • Riding is a lot more about balance on the move than gripping with your legs. Having your weight set further back will help keep you secure if the horse stops suddenly.
  • Horses are very intuitive. They feel the slightest movements and are also great at reading our intentions. So look up and where you want to go and it will help you guide your horse there along with your leg and rein aids.
  • The ball of your foot (the widest part behind your toes) should be where your foot sits on the stirrup.
  • Dont forget to breathe. Beginners have a tendency to hold their breath especially as the horse moves up in speed and gait. This can give you a side ache, back ache and transmit emotional tension to your horse.