The farm

Working Farm

Antbear Farm is a working farm that has a heard of Nguni Cattle and has a small scale organic food producing farming environment for self sufficiency. Previously it was a dairy farm that had been left to go to ruin. Andrew and Conny have done extraordinary things that have brought new life to a once abandoned piece of land. The farm is now home to horses, donkeys, goats, ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys, dogs, cows, pigs and a few cats most of which have been taken in as rescues.


Antbear Lodge through its agritourism lodge gives you a chance to learn about the lives of rural people, their culture and their customs while creating employment. Agritourism results in skills development, closer communities, and new opportunities for rural women.  The potential of Agritourism in South Africa to uplift local communities is huge and is very much supported by us.

Farm Animals and farm activities

Young children can enjoy interacting with farm animals and watch the cow being milked. Of course they need to be up early. Then there are chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, horses, donkeys, a mule, sheep, pigs and more to be discoveredYou can try bass fishing in one of the farm dams and there is plenty of excellent bird watching all over the farm.