Drakensberg helicopter flips – Let you imagination fly

Drakensberg helicopter flight

Drakensberg helicopter flights

Drakensger helicopter flights up close and personalThere is no easier or more dramatic a way to see the Drakensberg than by air. And a helicopter flip is just spectacular. It will cause your imagination fly and the helicopter pilot will take care of the rest. You can expect an exhilarating flight and extraordinary views of the Drakensberg Mountains. Nothing can match the totally exhilarating experience of flying in a helicopter. So sit back and enjoy the scenery with on a helicopter flight. They are guaranteed to satisfy and excite!  There’s nothing quite like the thrill of vertical flight. It is ideal for anyone looking for a truly unique experience. A number of helicopter flights are on offer that are sure to put your head in the clouds.

 The Drakensberg helicopter flip experience

Drakensberg helicopter flipsFrom Cathedral Peak we enjoyed our  helicopter flip over these majestic Drakensberg Mountains. We flew up to the higher Drakensberg and saw the spectacular Cathedral Peak, the Bell, the Inner and Outer Horns, the Chessman and the Three Puddings, amongst others.  This flight also included a stop-over on one of the peaks at approximately 10000ft above sea-level, where you can inhale the beauty of the Drakensberg, spend some time with your companions and enjoy a glass or two of champagne and orange juice. The helicopter flight lasted approximately 15 minutes, taking in the valleys and peaks that make up the stunning Drakensberg Mountains. Our pilot was quick to point out areas of interest along with the different species of flora and fauna that dotted the landscape.

Types of helicopter flights

Drakensberg helicopter flights

  • Sight seeing flight Experience a thrilling 15 minutes flight that will take you around the majestic Cathedral Peak, Horns, the Bell and Three Puddings amongst others. Upon return witness the beauty of the Little Berg as you sweep through valleys doing low level flying, passing several waterfalls.
  • Champagne Landing & picnic flight  This flight option is perfect for romantic souls and nature lovers. It consists of the same route and time as the Sight Seeing Flight, however it includes landing at 9000 ft, where you can intake the beauty of the Drakensberg and take stunning photos of unspoiled nature, while enjoying a glass of champagne and juice. Fly to the “Top of the world”
  • Amphitheatre This flight offers breathtaking aerial views of two most beautiful World Heritage Site parks – Cathedral Peak and Royal Natal with Amphitheatre and Tugela falls as its most famous features. The flying time of this option is 60 minutes and you will also land right by Amphitheatre to enjoy the view and a glass of bubbly.
  • Private Charters The charter service can be designed suit your specific needs, whether it is work related, transport from one location to another or just adventurous flight for your family or friends. Helicopters are also perfect for filming and aerial photography.
  • Wedding flight Fly up to the higher Berg and seal your vows or take wedding photos of a lifetime. This flight will take you up to 9000 ft, where you can celebrate a new beginning with your family and dear friends, while enjoying the stunning view of mountains and valleys, sipping on a glass of complimentary champagne and juice.

Drakensberg helicopter operators

The joy of helicopter flights in the Drakensberg

  • Westline Helicopters Helicopter Flights in Central Drakensberg. Westline Aviation has 2 helicopters stationed full time at Dragon Peaks Park, in the Central Drakensberg Region. The helicopter flights are  operated 7 days a week, from sunrise till sunset.0836527493 Westline Helicopters also flies from Cathedral Peak 036 488 2055 and from Royal Natal 073 625 1655
  • Transec Aviation Helicopter Flights in Central Drakensberg. This helicopter company based in the heart of the Drakensberg mountains, offering the most spectacular and thrilling flights around the world heritage site.
  • BAC Helicopters offer specialised helicopter tours and trips from Durban including helicopter tours to the Drakensberg. 031 569-1531